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Our Finishes

With more than thirty years in the architectural hardware industry we understand our customers desire for perfection. That’s why we offer an array of distinct finishes to compliment any style, from minimalist to industrial, traditional to contemporary Our range of finishes continues to develop and grow taking influences from around the world to ensure we stay ahead of trends.

Polished Brass (PB)

Using the highest quality brass available we forge, stamp and cost our own products. which are then polished and lacquered. One of the beautiful characteristics of brass is the way it ages and tarnishes over time is there anything more welcoming than a naturally worn old brass handle?

To speed up the ageing process, remove the lacquer with point stripper and polishing.

Antique Copper (AC)

This distinctive finish is achieved by firstly copper plating and antiquing a brass product. Before setting, the antique finish is carefully rubbed back by hand to lighten the colour and reveal copper highlights, which simulates natural wear Over time, the clear lacquer coating and antique finish will continue to thin in places due to natural use, revealing more copper highlighting. This copper too will age, creating a true living finish that looks good at all stages of is life

Antique Brass (AB)

To achieve our unique Antique Brass finish we start with our Polished Brass product and oge each item by hand. The aged brass is then rubbed back with a soft cloth to lighten the finish after which it is baked to set. Once boked, a clear lacquer is applied and allowed to dry before final inspection and packaging.

The beauty of this finish lies in its imperfections. The Antique Brass patina is a Iving finish designed to continually wear and oge naturally over time, developing beautiful variations in the depth of colour. With care. this natural looking finish will reward you for many years to come.

Matt Black (MB)

Our Matt Black finish is achieved via different processes, depending on the product to which it is applied. Some items are powder coated, others are treated with on ageing process. But no matter how it is achieved the result is both durable and stunning
Matt Black hardware offers a striking contrast on white or timber and has been the cornerstone finish of the popular Hamptons look. To keep it looking good, simply clean with Mr Sheen and a soft dry cloth regularly

Satin Brass (SB)

To achieve this durable finish, a forged brass product is lightly linished on a polishing wheel before a dear satin lacquer is applied to protect the surface and maintain the finished appearance for many years to come.

Our Satin Brass hardware can be effortlessly paired with your other kitchen and bathroom fittings; creating seamless looks or standing out as a bold statement piece. Keep Satin Brass products dry and clean regularly with Mr Sheen and a soft dry cloth to keep them looking stunning year-round.

Chrome Plate (CP)

For those who love a clean, lustrous finish, we chrome plate an extensive range of our brass products to produce a mirror- like sheen. The finish is both stunning and remarkably durable, requiring only a regular wipe with a clean cloth to maintain its lustre and brightness.

Satin Chrome (SC)

Our Satin Chrome finish is created by carefully rubbing back chrome plate to remove its shine. Satin Chrome is a durable finish that requires only regular cleaning with a soft cloth to keep it looking good The finish has numerous applications; it adds an e exquisite be modern touch to bross hardware and looks great when paired with stainless steel fittings and appliances.

Rumbled Nickel (RN)

Created using traditional finishing methods, solid brass hardware is nickel-plated and aged. Each piece is then ‘rumbled’ with small stones to reveal glimpses of the nickel through the antique finish. The result is a finish that would look equally at home on a medieval door in a French village as on your next contemporary project. Rumbled Nickel is a durable premium finish, which needs only a regular clean with Mr Sheen and a soft dry cloth to maintain its appearance.

Anti Tarnished Brass (ATB)

PVD is created by a process called Physical Vapour Deposition, in which a thin layer replicating a brass finish is applied to zinc alloy or stainless steel. The result is a very durable and long lasting finish that requires little or no maintenance.

Polished Nickel (PN)

Brass items are nickel plated then highly polished to create our beautiful Polished Nickel finish. A traditional European finish, Polished Nickel provides a depth of colour that is distinct and invites touch. This durable premium finish should be regularly cleaned with Mr Sheen and a soft dry cloth to maintain its appearance and lustre.

Satin Nickel (SN)

A variation on Polished Nickel, Satin Nickel is very lightly brushed to provide a warm finish with barely visible satin lines. This premium durable finish will provide a subtle, sophisticated look to your home and complements a wide range of design themes and palettes. Regularly clean with Mr Sheen and a soft dry cloth to protect the clear satin lacquer applied to this finish.

Antique Finish (AF)

This rustic finish is applied to a selected range of our cast iron products. To ensure its integrity, a clear lacquer coating is applied, which should be maintained with regular applications of Mr Sheen on a soft dry cloth. Our Antique Finish should only be used internally, where its life expectancy will be determined by usage, moisture and environment